Ria Pietikäinen is a 25-year-old hiphop head from Oulu!

Ria has been a dance teacher and dancer since 2014. Building a local street dance scene in Oulu, and being apart of a hiphop culture has always been important to her. Organizing events, participating in battles and traveling with dance is a key elements of Ria’s dance life.
The dance styles in which Ria has expertise are hip hop, popping and house. In recent years, she has studied at Åsa Folhögskola in Sweden to deepen her knowledge of hip-hop culture and dance.

As a teacher, it is important to here to share hiphop culture and give tools for the dance. Ria wants to support students in finding their own way to dance and guide them into the world of hip hop. The lessons cover the basics – both in movement and in cultural context – while having fun.

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