Saiffa has dance classes for everyone! For kids and juniors, we have break classes several days a week (see schedule). Then for young people between 13 to 17 years old, we have their own Hip Hop class and, in addition, they can attend all adult dance classes. The rest of the classes are mainly for adults. We offer beginner dance lessons for adults. These are called Saiffa basic level 1 or 2 classes. Basic level classes are suitable for beginners, those interested in dancing and trying it out. Advanced level classes are for dancers who already have experience in dance and want to develop their skills. Open-level dance lessons are suitable for dancers of all levels. You can start our dance classes at any time during the season.


Hip hop is a dance style originated in New York which consist of a mixture from various styles. Saiffa offers multiple hip hop classes such as freestyle, technique, 90’s new jack swing, and choreo. Like all of our classes at Saiffa also the hip hop classes include the technique of the style, movements and grooves. Also depending on the class it also includes either freestyle exercises or choreography.


Commercial in many ways is a fusion style. These classes mix various styles and movements together mainly focusing on choreography, performance, and to find a strong attitude and personality. During the classes we try to find everyones own natural way to move and have fun!


House dance alongside with house music was born and developed at the clubs of Chicago and New York. This dance has a lot of influences of many other dance styles. Typical movement for house dance are jacking and fast footwork. During the class you will learn the basic grooves, footwork steps, variations, and also how to use those steps.


Popping is s street style that was born in California during the 1970’s. The name it self signifies the styles signature characteristic which is to flex muscles and to ”hit/pop” them to the rhythm of the music. Popping includes muscle control, body isolations, footwork, grooves and much more. Popping is mainly danced to funk music (p-funk, g-funk, modern funk).


Locking is a groovy and funky dance style that was born during the 70’s and is mainly danced to funk music. Pioneers of this style are Don Campbell, Greg Campbell Lock Jr. and The Lockers crew. Typical movements for this energetic style includes locks, points and muscleman. Classes consist of learning the foundations of the dance to the sweet sounds of funk.


Twerk is a popular dance style that mainly focuses on the lower body. Twerk’s typical moves includes various movements of the hips and the butt that are done on multiple levels. Twerk is a fun and sexy dance style that will put a sweat on for sure. During the class you will learn the correct techniques, and also twerk choreographies.


Voguing is a very showy style which was born in the black and latin LGBTQ community in Harlem, New York. From the ballroom scene in Harlem to a worldwide phenomenon thanks to Madonna. Vogue has taken a lot of influences from the fashion world and martial arts. Voguing styles include the old way, new way and femme which all have their own typical techniques and moves. Voguing also has various categories such as performance, fashion, beauty and realness. Voguing classes are focused on either a single style or we get to know about many styles. Typical characteristic for all voguing styles are rich hand techniques, various poses and  self confidence.


Dancehall is a dance style, that was born on the streets of Jamaica. The dance style is evolving rapidly as the Jamaican dance crews are constantly developing new movements. Dancehall has tight accents and explosiveness, combined with smooth movements. This style has a powerful expressional side that allows the dancer to express emotions through the dance. Dancehall is a very energetic and showy style with an attitude. It is typical for a dancehall dancer to feel the dance in your own body because this style comes from the inside.


Heels is a fusion of various dance styles but the main focus of this class is a femme expression within the dance. During the class you will learn how to add body linings in the movements and adding details even into walking. While wearing your high heels you vibe we are trying to vibe and search for a personal expression / movement. During the class we mainly focus on choreography but also the technique behind it.


Break (breaking, b-boying, b-girling) is the original Hip Hop dance that was born on the streets of New York. Breaking classes include various styles and techniques standing and on the floor on multiple levels. Classes consist of rhythms, moves, grooves, self confidence and also understanding the history of the dance.