Can I come to class without pre-registering?

Yes if there is space left. You can always check the booking status of the classes from here: https://www.wodconnect.com/saiffa-flow-mo-dance-school/gym_classes

Can I start classes in the middle of the season?

Yes, in our classes we don’t perform long choreographies, so you can easily get involved in the middle of the season.

Was it that the first time is free?

That’s right, for new customers the first time is for free. You can access the class directly through our reception.

What equipments do I need for the class?

Basic exercise equipments, shoes and a drinking bottle are enough. Shoes should be only worn inside (no outside shoes allowed)

Do you have shower facilities?

Unfortunately there is no shower in our dance school. Toilets and dressing rooms can of course be found.

How does the booking system work?

Membership customers and ten cardholders can book a place for any classes in advance through WodConnect. Seasonal payers reserve a place for the entire season.

I bought a membership and I can’t immediately book classes, what’s wrong?

We will activate the membership purchase upon noticing, after which the online booking will be possible. Before that, register through Saiffa’s reception.

How much does the seasonal fee cost?

Seasonal fee prices are updated once a month for the rest of the season as the season progresses. Check current prices HERE.

I have a 1 month membership, and I got a new bill. What the heck?

A month’s membership is a contract valid for the time being, which continues for one month at a time, until it is terminated by e-mail info@saiffa.fi. Remember to send the notice 5 days before the next month and automated invoice. You should also read the terms and conditions of the membership agreement HERE.

Does a 12-month membership automatically continue after a year?

12-month and 6-month memberships are fixed-term contracts, so the membership automatically ends when the deadline expires. If you wish to continue, a new contract will be made, either at the reception or by purchasing the product from the online store.

If I miss a class, can I replace it?

Seasonal payers can replace missed class with any other class. However you must replace the class during the same period. You don’t need to pre-register for compensation class in advance. Tell the reception on the spot what class you are compensating.