Saiffa Oy - Flow Mo Dance School

Saiffa is a street dance center in the heart of Helsinki. Saiffa is founded by members of the internationally successful dance group Flow Mo. Saiffa has established its position as a pioneer in the Finnish street dance culture. Saiffa is also the first internationally recognized Finnish street dance school. Saiffa’s dance classes and events continuously bring dancers from abroad to Helsinki.

With our example we want to inspire especially children and young people to participate in street dance. Our most important mission is to offer education in dance to people of all ages. Furthermore we want to raise the level of dance education in Finland and increase the general knowledge about street dance. A strong part of our activity is to organize dance events, competitions and workshops. Since 2010, as the first street dance school in Finland, Saiffa has been hosting monthly dance school jams that are open for everybody. By doing this we want to offer especially young people a positive and inspiring dance environment. Saiffa’s goals are to promote street dance culture, to improve the appreciation of street dance and to raise the recognition of Finnish street dance worldwide.

Saiffa’s open and stylish 259 square meter premises are situated in central Helsinki. Fully renovated on the summer 2014, Saiffa has two spacious studios equipped with top sound systems and dance floor. Saiffa’s heart, Saiffa Lounge, functions as warm-up and “hang out” space. In the Lounge you can also find Saiffa’s store. Saiffa encourages warming up and jamming in the Lounge before the dance class. This way we can get straight to the point in the actual class. Saiffa also has dressing rooms and toilet facilities available for its customers.

“Saiffa” is a term used by dancers when they refer to a dance cypher or circle. “To cypher” means to dance or take part in such a circle.


Saiffa Oy-Flow Mo Dance School
Lönnrotinkatu 25 A , 2nd floor
00180 Helsinki
Phone: 0445001311 (10-16) & 044500989 (16-20)
Door code: *0123 (12.10.2015 the code was changed, the new code starts with the star)